The Man of the house left for Zambia last week.  Princess YumYum was very emotional and to be fair, rightly so.

As she has said, “I don’t want anything to change” and I agree. Change blows!

The hardest and the easiest part of this move is that the Offspring are not coming with us. Green eyes is finishing high school and wants to work and travel next year, Princess YumYum is off to boarding school and JP is finishing his undergraduate degree. The Man and I have decided to rent a property for the boys to live in together and somewhere I can come back to when I am visiting a few times a year. Princess will be under the care of the boarding school she will be attending  and will return to her brothers on the weekends.

In theory this is a good plan but when one factors in the five personalities that make up our family unit, well the saying, ‘the best laid plans of mice and men’ comes to mind.

Princess did not want to go to either Africa or boarding school. She wanted to stay exactly where she was thank you very much.

Green eyes did not want to live where jp wanted to live and was being very belligerent.

JP and The Man had seen a house in the western suburbs which they claimed was ‘perfect’ and the real estate agent was prepared to accommodate our rather unusual circumstances.
Green eyes and I were nervous. We hadn’t seen it and it was long way from our familiar turf.
‘Well,’I said to Green eyes, ‘we can’t make a decision in a vacuum. Let’s go and see it and then we can decide’. After fighting our way through 45 minutes of traffic to get there, we arrived at a surprisingly pretty street which made us feeling instantly more cheerful.
The house, it turned out, was a revelation. A beautiful fully renovated Victorian dwelling that was big enough to contain all five of us when needed and small enough to be manageable for the boys alone. It was ‘perfect’.

One hurdle overcome, 27 to go.

And it’s that time again…..

Ok, So here’s the thing. I’ve been travelling and living overseas for the past 15 years and although I’ve kept various squiggles and vignettes about my adventures, in notebooks scattered about the house, I have never put it all down in one place.

Because I am a chaotic sort of person I have found that being consistent about anything seems to go against the grain.

However, I like to think that I have grown these past two years living in my home town,  and I now have the capacity to be consistent and diligent in the recording of my adventures, if only for my own amusement.

And as we are about to embark on another adventure I figured that this is the right time to do it.

So here goes……